Real name: Unknown

Group affiliation: Strikers

Powers or abilities: Spike has no known powers. She is a trained police officer and an experienced street brawler.

Equipment: Spike wears an armored helmet, reinforced bullet-proof vest, and other protective gear. Under this is a body suit made of an unknown fabric. She usually uses billy clubs if violence is needed and carries a pistol under the vest. If she needs to she has access to other equipment available to normal persons or law enforcement agencies.

History: Spike is born and raised in X, Canada. She joined the police force but after several years started to feel a need to supplement the police force and judicial system with some vigilante activity.
In the beginning she used to only gather more evidence to make cases against criminals stronger but after a time also started to go after those that eluded the police or who got freed on technicalities.
She kept her job as a police officer for some years before opening a detective agency as a cover.
She met Muscles while on vacation in Chicago and they worked as a duo for a short time before meeting Wolfwoman there. Naming themselves Strikers they were the third super hero group to be formed and the first to feature only women. That changed when they let Icelight join them a few years later.
Strikers have been involved with mostly local criminals but have on occasion travelled to other parts of the US and the world. Their most high-profile appearance was during the first troll invasion where they assisted the other heroes in New York.

After episode #8
Strikers met up with Golden Gang during the second Troll invasion, in Chicago, and afterwards the two groups merged. Wolfwoman declined as she wanted to head back to South America.