GOLDEN GANG is a comicbook featuring a superhero group of the same name.

The comicbook is released as a series of trade paperbacks with one out now and more to follow.
For those versed in Marvel and DC comicbooks the style of stories will be familiar but Golden Gang definately has its own flavor.

According to some the end of the world was supposed to happen on December 21st 2012. That did not happen but events that year started the process that will lead up to it. The ancient mezoamerican indians knew that the end of the world would come, and they took steps to prevent it.

They passed all their knowledge along and during the Inca empire a sacred ritual was performed that would create a guardian to protect the Earth. They also created two companions for him, one a teacher and the other a protector. Something terrible happened back then that sent ripples through time and his companions never awoke when they should have. The full meaning of his role was never revealed to him until later.

Now, the companions have awoken and set out to recruit new people who can help in their mission. These people are the Golden Gang, people with extraordinary powers or abilities. This is their story!