Here you can read some Golden Gang stories. Some of these stories are only in swedish but they will be updated and colored later. Some stories have spoilers and that's mentioned in their descriptions as major or minor spoilers.
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This pdf-file contains the entire first episode plus pages from each artist and information on where to get the full trade paperback in paper or digital form as well as the thoughts and philosophies behind Golden Gang.
30 pages.

THOUGHTS (Swedish only, minor spoilers)
Thoughts is a short story that previously appeared in Svenska Superserier. It follows Mr Mind as he writes a short editorial on his ability to hear other peoples thoughts.
8 pages.

THE FIRST SUPER HERO (Swedish only, major spoilers)
Captain Sun, the world's first superhero tells an abbreviated version of his life's story to the World in his retirement speech.
8 pages.

SLAVERY (Swedish only, major spoilers)
This story follows the gang as they raid a brothel to free people held as slaves. This story contains mature themes and imagery that some might find offensive.
8 pages.