Real name: K'riss B'arr

Group affiliation: Golden Gang

Powers or abilities: Silverball can transform into a sphere. In that form he can fly at high speeds, at least slightly faster than a transatlantic jet airliner. He also gains a higher resistance to all types of impact damage. His mass remains the same.
As Silverball is of an alien species he has several differences with a human being. The most obvious are the four-fingered hands, the lack of visible ears, small eyes surrounded by a mask-like "eye brow", and six sensory "whiskers" on the sides of his jaw. As of now, it is not known if he percieves the world in a different way than humans. His intelligence is the equivalent of a normal human.

Equipment: Silverball uses no special types of equipment as part of his superhero life. He is a member of a technologically advanced race and has access to a private starship as well as other items common to their culture.

History: Silverball is an alien, born on an unknown planet. His grandmother had visited Earth in the past and K'riss got interested from hearing some of her stories of life here. Soon after reaching adulthood he set off.
He travelled the world, writing short reports to his parents every now and then. He was eventually discovered by unknown government agents and when in Sweden to access his ship they decided to try to capture him. Silverball's pursuers were stopped by Goldwing and Changeling and they were introduced to Silverarrow short after, effectively joining the group that day.

After episode #6
Silverball was away from Earth for an unknown period of time, returning in another starship than the one he commonly uses. Silverball has been under surveillance from military intelligence and Colonel Greenwood, the head of the department responsible for the Specials program, sent some of the specials to capture Silverball to interrogate him. Their mission had to be abandoned as they were sent to Chicago to help fight the second troll invasion.