Real name: Laura Byrne

Group affiliation: Golden Gang

Powers or abilities: Lady Luck seem to be really lucky.

Equipment: Lady Luck uses a suit with some padding for protection in her gloves.

History: Lady Luck was born and raised in New York and discovered her powers in her late teens.
Lady Luck decided to become a power by appearing in public and made herself a costume with some design cues from Spikes costume. Spike was one of her role models of the known powers. That same day an observer from The Eternal Night materialized in New York City. Lady Luck, Manfredo Scarlotti and Golden Gang defeated it and Lady Luck was invited to join the group.

After episode #6
Lady Luck and Changeling became a couple sometime after episode 6 and currently live in the separate house behind the mansion. Lady Luck's parents know of Lauras life and career as a power and member of Golden Gang.