Real name: Frederick Carter

Group affiliation: Golden Gang

Powers or abilities: Goldwing can fly, has much better than normal vision, needs no sleep, ages slowly and never becomes ill.
He is probably a member of an unknown race that left the Earth in the early 19th century. As of now, it is not known if he percieves the world in a different way than humans. His intelligence is the equivalent of a normal human. He looks similar to a human male in his mid-20's even though he is at least 167 years in 1998 when he met the others.

Equipment: Goldwing uses no special equipment.

History: Goldwing was left on the steps of a human house as his parents disappeared from this world. He was raised as a normal human, but it was soon discovered that he was special, beyond his pointed ears.
Goldwing travelled the world after his parents deaths, and participated in both world wars as a special agent for the United Kingdom. Goldwing met Silverball, Changeling and Silverarrow in Sweden while helping Silverball eluding some unknown government agents that were pursuing him. He effectively joined the group later that day.

After episode #3
Goldwing is actively looking for clues to his origin but haven't been able to find any real facts. He thinks he is what's generally known as an elf.