Real name: Michel Stranger

Group affiliation: Golden Gang

Powers or abilities: Changeling is able to change his molecular structure to mimic the look and density of almost all known materials. He can also change his shape completely. He can for example change his form to look like a boulder, or a small tree. He can also change parts of his body. He can lower or raise his actual mass to a certain degree. It is unknown how his body is able to deal with the strain of the transformations without harm or how his body continues to function as normal even though organs and tissue change so drastically. He is mildly allergic to some minerals. Items worn does not transform with him.

Equipment: Changeling uses no special equipment.

History: Changeling was found by Silverarrow in the ruins of San Diego Convention Centre after it was destroyed by Chain. He was first admitted to hospital and for a brief while taken cared of by the city's social services, but soon agreed to be adopted by Silverarrow.
He became the official owner of the wealth amassed by Silverarrow and was the first powered person in what would become Golden Gang.
He followed Silverarrow around the world in search of others and was present when Flasheye, Silverball and Lady Luck was recruited.
Changeling has been with the group since it's founding.

After Episode #6
Sometime after the events depicted in episode #6 Changling and Lady Luck became a couple and lived in the outhouse behind the mansion. Changeling met her parents at the time of the second Troll invasion.