Real name: Sven-Göran Karlsson, not publicly known

Group affiliation: Heroes Union, United Nations

Powers and abilities: Captain Sun has no power of his own. He is trained in several forms of hand to hand combat but most of his skill comes from practical experience which has made him very good at it. He is also a capable shot with a variety of hand weapons, machine guns and more exotic weapons like crossbows and bows.

Equipment: Captain Sun has a magical suit created by the Incas that enables him to project heat and light, withstand harm and while wearing it he doesn't age. The heat is enough to start fires and the light is as intense as the sun. While the suit can project the heat and light in any direction, Captain Sun usually use the center round stylized sun icon on his chest as the source.

History: Captain Sun was born in Sigtuna, Sweden in 1938, the oldest of three children. His father was a member of the swedish diplomatic core and also worked for the League of Nations and later the Unuted Nations. Captain Sun was 18 when he accompanied his father to Peru as part of a Unicef mission.
While there he awoke, hot and sweaty and went for a walk in the evening to cool down. When he reached a park in Cuzco he saw strange visions of ancient indians who pointed in the direction of some old ruins. Feverish he walked towards the ruins when the ground gave way and he fell down into a chamber. On a throne lay the magical suit, and he donned it feeling it was the right thing to do. After putting it on he understood what the people in his visions were saying. They explained that he was a guardian to protect against a coming evil of enourmous proportions. He was to have been trained and given knowledge by Silverarrow and Golden Guardian but they weren't active at the time.
Captain Sun soon started fighting crime and evil wherever it showed up. He has worked with the United Nations in its efforts to apprehend and put war criminals to justice, averted supernatural and alien threaths to Earth and worked in a diplomatic role in negotiations between nations. During his long career he has become a friend of all the world's peoples and as the first person with a power he sets the standard for how a power should look and behave. He is the single most recognizable person alive today.
His active crime fighting career was the 1950's until the mid 1990's when he switched to working for the United Nations as secretary of the Council for powered people and supernatural events. When needed he still dons the costume and fights, but the need is lower now that the number of heroes are greater.