Real name: Arthur Gentz

Group affiliation: 20 Specials

Powers or abilities: Black Hole has a body that houses some sort of dimensional gateway. Everything that goes through the gateway is put in a stasis and Black Hole can retrieve it at any time.
He is a former army special forces corporal and as such is well versed in combat and military tactics.

Equipment: Black Hole has no special equipment.

History: Black Hole was part of an elite team of operatives sent to Fourand Island to kill or capture Mr Magic and Dr Chromosome which had kidnapped an army unit. They were defeated and used as guinea pigs by the two super villains. Black Holes body was transformed making him resemble a baglike being with a metal helmet on top. The transformation has made it impossible to live without extensive help and specialized equipment.
Currently Black Hole is a part of the 20 Specials, a special operations unit originally created to capture the 30 specials when they went awol.