Real name: Benjamin Charles

Group affiliation: 20 Specials

Powers or abilities: Benny Chuck is an ordinary human whose upper neck and head resides within a metal helmet and whose skin resembles a heroic costume.
He is a former army special forces captain and as such is well versed in combat and military tactics.

Equipment: The helmet Benny Chuck wears grants him a high level of protection and is needed to keep him alive.

History: Benny Chuck was part of an elite team of operatives sent to Fourand Island to kill or capture Mr Magic and Dr Chromosome which had kidnapped an army unit. They were defeated and used as guinea pigs of the two super villains. Benny Chuck's epidermis was transformed into resembling a heroic costume complete with cape. His neck bones and nervous system was separated and rearranged and put into a protective helmet which resists tampering with. Any attempt risks killing him.
Currently Benny Chuck is the field leader of the 20 Specials, a special operations unit originally created to capture the 30 specials when they Went awol.