Real name: Daniel Johansson

Group affiliation: Golden Gang, Heroes Union

Powers and abilities: Blackflash is extraordinarily fast and intelligent, and has the ability to generate irregular bolts of black lightning. He has not adapted to his speed which means that his reflexes and vision can't keep up with his movement so he usually runs in short bursts before stopping to orient himself. Even friction and the extra strain placed on muscles, bones and tendons can cause injuries if he's not careful.
His intelligence gives him a higher understanding of causes and effects but it's mostly book smarts. He mostly studies various fields of technology and creates his own equipment and vehicles.
The black energy he stores can be used as electricity or as a concussive force. His body can store about 15 minutes worth of full power. The bolts can reach a distance of about 50 meters and can shoot out of any part of the surface of his body.
Blackflash is asthmatic.

Equipment: Blackflash has invented a long list of equipment but the one item he uses almost all of the time is not his own. He carries what looks like a large black gemstone fixed in a metal ring which is attaced by small belts to his various outfits. Inside it he can store about 30 hours worth of the black energy.
Blackflash uses a wig, fake eyebrows and black contact lenses when appearing as Blackflash.
Blackflash's main mode of transportation is the Robodriver, a large starship that also serves as his home. A modified version of the Robodriver is used by Golden Gang as their main mode of transportation in the future.
Blackflash has also created a time machine that he uses to travel through time.

History: Blackflash was born in Enköping, Sweden. He and his friend Johan found Silverball's ship in a forest ouside Altuna where they were playing. Climbing aboard the ship took off and they were taken to Silverball's home planet. They underwent voluntary genetic acceleration to trigger latent powers discovered during medical examination. He and Johan spent some time exploring space and eventually got involved in a large conflict between two large space organizations. It was during this time that he developed most of the equipment he uses and he got his black crystal as a gift during a peace treaty ceremony.
Returning to Earth he used his new intelligence to build his time machine.
Travelling back to the cretacious era he met the alien being called Minimal with which he explored the distant past. Later, travelling to the 70's he met Captain Sun and after a few adventures they officially founded Heroes Union with Minimal, Grasshopper and Spider, becoming the world´s first association of powered people. They were active for about a decade and a half. Officially they were never disbanded but as time went on they got involved in different things.

After Episode #6
Blackflash joined Golden Gang after the second troll invasion.